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Sharon Elliott
Born in Ohio
62 years
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I first met your mom at the luncheon that Santa Clara U. held for the families after the Memorial Service. She was really angry at the name of The Grateful Dead being the concert our kids had gone to before they died. When I explaned to her the meaning of The Grateful Dead, she said that was "all very nice, but it didn't change her mind." I remember being at first saddened, but later chuckling at her way of looking at things straight, and speaking her mind. She told me that I was prone to weaving sad memories through with poetry, in an attempt to survive, and she had no intention of doing so. I was thinking of that way of hers, today on her death day, and missing talking to her.

Love, 3 years later,



Diane Preas
Sharon, We hardly knew each other but your eyes told such a beautiful, sad, sad
story...........  May you, Todd and Julie be in the Arms of the Angels. 
Diane Preas
Remembering Julie, Todd and David and never forgetting the Grateful Dead Concert
the day our hearts stood still in August.  God's Blessings as you watch over us each day .  On the Wings of the Angels

Mom, I've think about you all the time and wish you were here to help me out with the kids.  You would be so proud of them.  They both sing to everything like you did.  They love to dance, too!  I am so glad to have all of the wonderful memories of you with the kids.  They LOVE the pillows and blankets that you made for them.  Not a day goes by where they don't cuddle with them and comment on how grandma made them.  I know you are near often and understand when you have others to visit.  We always feel you near.  Love you so very much and miss your hugs lots, mom.

Your mom and grandmom caught me again today, to nudge me in remembering her death day. I was scrolling through my "contacts" on my cell phone, and heard her voice in a message from more than two years ago. It was a reminder to remember her, as if I needed help, which I guess I did, in remembering the day that she died. We used to trade times of the month of August in remembering the death days of our kids. Neither of us ever forgot the day, but it was a race in getting to the phone to call each other, and then an arguement as to who remembered first, or last, or both of us finally conceding... always.  So I mark today with my memory of Sharon's death day, and continue to miss her voice in my life. I think of her wandering the universe with Todd, Julie, and Dave, and wait for the sight of them wandering by...
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