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Sharon Elliott
Born in Ohio
62 years
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Family Tree
Marj Today September 19, 2010

Jill, Kevin, TJ and Noah,

I'm just sitting here in front of the computer, just past midnight on the date that your mom died. I feel that each time I remember her, her spirit has wandered by. I looked at her pictures  and listened to her music, and read all the messages left on this site from family and friends. Your mom was really loved, and is still greatly missed. Love to all four of you. 

Marj Sept.18-09 September 20, 2009

Jill, Kevin, TJ, and Noah,

I miss your mom on this, the remembrance of her death day. I know from your pictures that the kids are blooming, and I hope that you are too. Your mom's # is still on my cell phone, in case she wants to say hello. She was a treasured voice from her ocean to mine, and I still look to see her voice on my phone in case she is now text messaging, blogging, or even twittering.

Love still to you on the ocean over here,


Dave and Marj Sharon September 18, 2008

Jill, Kevin, Noah, , and TJ,

I'm thinking about and remembering, your mom and grandmom and my kindred soul, on this day two years since she died. She still is on my mind, and in my heart just about every day of my life. I miss her, and wish she were here for all of us. I take a little bit of comfort that she is wherever Todd, Julie, Noel, and Dave are, wandering the universe. 

Love and memories just about always...

Marj and Dave Preas Sharon September 17, 2007

Jill, Kevin, TJ and Noah,

I'm thinking of your mom and grandmom today, and the way she made me laugh with stories about you.

I think that the one year anniversary should be a time for a visit from her. Listen for the sound of her music.


Marj Sharon October 31, 2006

Jill, Kevin, Noah, TJ, and Sharon's family and friends...

My love and memories of her

are with you in these days of sorrow and of joy.

Tina and Bill Nuss At Peace Again October 30, 2006

Dearest Jill, Kevin, Noah and TJ:  There are no words to express our sadness in the loss of your Mom/Grandmother.  To know she is no longer in pain is one saving grace and to know that she is with Julie and Todd makes it a little easier.  May the memories you shared together help you through this difficult time. 


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